Private doctors will also be able to provide disability certificate, AYUSH Ministry will take initiative to change the rules.

Disability certificate of Persons with Disabilities is issued from a government hospital in the district or any other apex hospital as decided by the state. Disabilities have to face a lot of difficulty in obtaining this certificate due to various other reasons including the inability to walk. But in the coming time, Divyang will also be able to get this certificate from the nearest private doctor. For this, rules will need to be amended.

The Union Ministry of AYUSH is planning to take necessary initiatives for this. AYUSH Minister Shripad Yessonike said in a program on Sunday that the disabled people do not have to bother to get this certificate, for this they need to be empowered to their nearest hospitals and trained doctors. They will also write letters to the Prime Minister’s Office and other related departments and ministries for this.

There are still many important decisions-

Advisor in the Ministry of AYUSH Dr Naval Kumar said that the government sector has its limitations. Access to the main hospital of the district is also a major problem for the disabled. Therefore, allowing private doctors to issue disability certificates would be a very good decision for the disabled.

In order to prevent the misuse of this right, stringent provisions like abolishing the practice license of a doctor can be made if found misused. He said that important decisions are still taken in many other areas including insurance on certificates given by trained private doctors. Therefore, there should be no problem in giving him the right to issue a disability certificate.

The role of Uttar Pradesh is commendable-

Uttar Pradesh Education Department has taken the commendable initiative in issuing Divyangta Certificate of Disability Certificate. In an order issued under Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan, now students from class I to XII are issued disability certificate from their school. For this, camps are organized in tehsil or block level. The DM or SDM of the area, including doctors from every field associated with disability, are on this panel. This certificate is issued to the differently-abled students by expert doctors at the local level

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