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Awards for Excellence in IT in AYUSH SECTOR to recognize and promote excellence in implementation of IT initiatives 

1. Purpose of Award  This award seeks to recognize the projects demonstrating use of path breaking IT or innovative use of an existing IT for enhancement in efficiency, effectiveness of process, cost, quality, service delivery or a combination of these.

The purpose of the award is to:-  

i. Recognize achievements in the area of Information Technology 

ii. Disseminate knowledge on effective methods of designing andimplementing sustainable IT initiatives 

iii. Encourage incremental innovations in successful IT solutions 

iv. Promote and exchange experiences in solving problems, mitigating risks, resolving issues and planning for success through IT initiatives. 

v. IT as a Game Changer  

2. Category of the award  

There would be two category of awards: 

2.1 Gold Award:Rs.1 Lakh (1 award) 

2.2 Silver Award: Rs 50 thousand (5 awards) 

3.    Who can apply/compete:  
Institutions and individuals except winners of Awards for Excellence in IT in AYUSH Sector in 2018, of the following categories can apply, provided they have implemented notable IT based application: - 

i. Institutions under Ministry of AYUSH 

ii. Colleges, Universities and Research Institution 

iii. Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing Homes 

iv. Wellness centers practicing AYUSH treatment 

v. IT Institution vi. AYUSH Practitioner vii. AYUSH Businesses and entrepreneur 

For more information please download the PDF file attached in this post.

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